Monday, 9 February 2015

Free Compositing Software!

Nuke is the Industry Standard Compositing software used in UK Film and VFX studios.  At Bucks we know how important it is to train students on the correct software.  For that reason, we help all our second year students by buying them a one year license of Nuke as part of the 'Big Deal'.

However, what if you are an aspiring VFX student and want to get started but don't have the funds.

Well, we might have the answer!
The Foundry are offering a non commercial version of Nuke to learn at no cost.  It does have some limitations but it still allows you to get started.  They even have training videos and assets to work with.  Here's the link:

But wait!  There's more!

Blackmagic Design has acquired what used to be called Digital Fusion, previously owned by Eyeon. When they released Fusion 7, they announced that it would be free!  There are actually two versions. The free version is not disabled in any way and is designed for small studios and freelancers, however if you need multiple licenses at the same studio, you buy the £695 version ($995) which is still incredibly cheap for a very powerful piece of software.

So is it mainstream software?  Yes, it's been used on Avatar, Gravity, Edge of Tomorrow, the Hunger Games and even Downton Abbey.  If you are keen to get started at Compositing, download one of these great pieces of software and start learning!

The link to Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 is:


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