Friday, 17 April 2015

Pixar Story Process Uncovered

Ever wondered how Pixar artists pitch their storyboards? In this excellent video, we see the awesomely talented Joe Ranft pitch the opening sequence for Toy Story. It's a great insight into how animated films get made, where sequences are worked over and re-worked in the story department long before animators get their hands on them.  When animators worked on paper by hand, many used to move fairly seamlessly between the story dept and the animation dept. Now that our tools are digital, this is less common, but being able to tell a story in pictures is still a great skill for any animator, digital or otherwise.

Here at Bucks we teach storyboarding as part of the animation process. Animators are storytellers, and film is a narrative medium. You can't really understand animation properly without a good grasp of story, storytelling, and how to make the shots flow seamlessly from one to another.

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