Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Framestore Animation Masterclass Comes To Bucks on May 29

Framestore did the character animation for Paddington
We're delighted to welcome an expert in character and creature animation from Framestore, one of London (and the world's) leading visual effects houses, and the people did the animation for Golden Compass, Paddington, Gravity, and dozens of other VFX movies.  Marion Strunck, a graduate of the excellent Animation Workshop in Denmark and a rising talent at Framestore, will be coming to Bucks on May 29th to give our students a masterclass in creature work. So, what can our students at Bucks expect?

What's this masterclass all about?
It's all about learning animal and creature animation the Framestore way, learning the latest techniques and tricks so that our students are up to date with current trends in industry. Production workflows are always in flux, as animators and VFX artists try out ways to make their work better, more authentic and more efficient.

Marion Strunck
Who is coming to Bucks?
Marion Strunck will be hosting the class; she is a graduate of the excellent Animation Workshop in Denmark and has been working at Framestore for over a year. Her recent credits include Paddington, and a number of other VFX projects.

FrameStore did the animation for Gravity

What will the class be about?
Animal and creature locomotion - the Framestore way. Every studio (make that every animator) has their own particular workflow, a method that works best for them. One of the most important challenges for digital artists is to keep an open mind and always learn from others' best practice.

Where and when?
The class will be held in G1.13 at 9.30am on Friday May 29 and will last until 4.30pm, with a break for lunch at 12.30pm.

Who is invited?
This is a scheduled class for our second year animators but our first and third year animators are also welcome to attend. We don't want anyone to miss out on this excellent session.

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