Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Reminder - Producing Animation Workshop with Steve Burch on Tuesday 26 May!

Steve Burch
Don't forget! On Tuesday 26 May we welcome Steve Burch visit Bucks for a lecture and workshop on Producing Animation.  Steve has 26 years experience in the animation industry, having worked on around dozen animated features including Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant.  His roles have included Special Effects Supervisor for Dreamworks and Warner Bros Feature Animation. Steve has worked with three Oscar winning directors and has produced and directed many commercials and animated shorts. So, what can our students expect on Tuesday?

What is Steve Burch's industry track record?
Steve has worked on many animated films. He has worked closely with Pixar’s Oscar-winning Brave director Mark Andrews, and has created workshops and lectures for students whilst a senior lecturer at Glasgow School of Art’s course in Digital Culture.

G1.13 is in the Gateway Building
Where and when is the workshop?
Steve will be coming to Bucks on Tuesday 26 May at 9.30 am in G1.13 to host the workshop.

What's it all about?
Animation production. Here at Bucks we teach digital art, computer skills, art, design and film-making, but we don't teach as much about the business of animation production as we probably should.

Is it important to know how to produce animation?
Anyone who has ever worked on a freelance job knows how vital it is to be able to bid accurately for a job, so you make enough money to make a living, but don't bid so high you don't get the work.  A working knowledge and understanding of the business side of the industry is something that every digital artist should have. As an employee, you don't really need to know this stuff. But as a freelancer, or as anyone running a small business, it is vital information.

Who is invited?
The class is scheduled for our first year students, but all animation students at Bucks are invited and are very welcome to attend.


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