Tuesday, 22 June 2021

James Baxter Animation Webinar 30 June at 6pm

James Baxter
On 30 June at 6pm Escape Studios is hosting a live animation webinar with legendary Disney and DreamWorks animator James Baxter.  

The event is free, and we are recommending that all our students register and sign up. 

James began his animation career on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and has since worked on dozens of animated films.  

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Module DA704 Starts 13 Sept 2021

Amedeo Beretta - CG Animation Reel - VFX, Cine, TV from Amedeo Beretta on Vimeo.

Our Master's Degree animation students will soon start their final animation module: DA704. Their final animation assignment, DA704 PR1, is titled "Demo Reel and Final Project" and students are expected to do a piece of character or creature animation, showing the skills they have learned over the last year, and also cut a demo reel that will help them to find work in the animation industry.  The demo reel above is by Bucks New Uni MA animation student Amedeo Beretta.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Dinosaur Animation Tutorial

We've completed a new series of videos on dinosaur locomotion for our animation students at BNU, who are currently working on Module DA703, Animals and Creatures.  The tutorial uses the free Dino rig by Harry Geoghegan, available for free download at Creative Crash.  The goal of the tutorial is to create a believable dinosaur walk cycle and performance.  To get a flavour of the exercise, watch the free theory video above.