Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sarah Perry Brings "Acting for Animators" Masterclass to Bucks in S0.01

Acting and Movement for animators
We're excited to be welcoming Sarah Perry of Shapes in Motion to teach our students a workshop in "acting for animators" here at Bucks on Monday 2nd March.  Everyone knows that animators are actors - but what does that really mean in practice? Sarah's workshop will help our animation students unlock the secrets of acting methodology, and help them to become better actors themselves.  So, what can our animation students at Bucks expect?

What is Shapes in Motion?
Shapes In Motion offers classes, workshops and courses specially tailored and designed specifically for animators.

Sarah Perry of Shapes in Motion
Why should animators learn acting?
Animators are storytellers, and through various themed classes and workshops the skills of great storytelling and the awareness of the subtleties of acting can be explored and developed.

What experience do Shapes in Motion have?
Shapes in Motion clients include Double Negative, MPC, Framestore, Met Film School (1-year Visual Effects and Animation), Ravensboune (BA Hons Animation Production), University of Kent (Msc Computer Animation), Norwich University College of the Arts (BA Animation), University of West London (BA Hons Digital Animation), and the University of Hertfordshire (BA Animation courses).
Rudolf von Laban. Source: Wikipedia

What do the classes involve?
Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Laban Movement Analysis (the analysis of character in terms of body, effort, space and shape), which can be used for human and creature animation.

Animators will learn to acutely observe and analyse a range of physical qualities, so as to develop character, and understand character "from the outside in". We will look at character types, but also understanding subtle postural and gestural performance choices too. The class will be a combination of theory, practice, games/exercises, play and group work. Fun, yet informative.

Where is their website?
Visit the Shapes in Motion website at to see more about their work and what they do.
Please wear comfy shoes! Image: Wikipedia
When are Shapes in Motion coming to Bucks?
Monday March 2nd 2015 at 9.30am. Sarah will be running two sessions, one for Group A at 9.30am to 12.30pm, and one for Group B from 1pm to 4pm. Be on time, and wear comfortable clothes!

Where is the class taking place?
The session is not in our usual classroom G1.13, but will in a room in the ground floor of the South Building. It is signed as S0.01, and sometimes (confusingly) as S0.02. It's also described as "The Alternative Board Room."
S0.01 - Alternative Board Room

It's a big, bright, airy room - perfect for what we need. See the map below for details - the South Building is the one marked 8 on the map. From Gateway, head into the ground floor of the North Building (that's the one with Beats cafe in it), turn left, go to the end of the corridor,  turn right and keep going all the way to the end of the South Building corridor. Keep going even when it looks a bit dark and gloomy. There are signs pointing the way to S0.01, S0.02 and "The Alternative Board Room.". Why has it got three names? Heaven knows. Make sure you leave extra time to find it.

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