Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Academic Deadlines at Bucks New University

What happens if a student fails to meet an academic deadline at Bucks New Uni? Or, if a student hasn't yet missed a deadline, but thinks they might miss it? There are two online forms our students need to know about.

The first form is the Deadline Extension Form, which applies when a student needs more time to complete a project - but has not yet missed the deadline.  The Mitigating Circumstances form applies when a student - through no fault of their own - has failed to meet an academic deadline.

What happens if you miss a deadline?
Students who miss a deadline have an additional 10 working days beyond the submission date to submit for a ‘capped mark’. The work will be marked, and the actual mark gained will be recorded, but the work will then be ‘capped’ at the basic pass mark of 40%. So, you can still pass the module, even if you are up to 10 days late. Work submitted beyond the 10 working days will not be accepted.

If you agree an extension with your tutor in advance, you can extend the deadline. This way, your work can be submitted as if it had been submitted on time.  So, if you think you might miss a deadline, fill out the Extension form.  But remember that extensions are generally only granted for problems beyond students' control, such as a medical emergency. Bad planning doesn't count.

Mitigating Circumstances
Mitigating Circumstances (also sometimes known as Extenuating Circumstances), applies when a student - through no fault of their own - fails to meet an academic deadline.  The Mit Circs form is filled out after the event, and the student needs a proper reason (again, such as a medical emergency) to explain why they could not submit on time.

Hand it in early
As a general rule, it's always best to hand your work in early, even if you think it isn't perfect. Handing in work close to a deadline exposes you to a level of risk which you just don't need.  Your internet connection could go down at the last minute - any number of late night problems could arise, and these are not considered good excuses for failing to deliver on time.

So, the moral of the story: don't be late.

Official Site
To see more on this subject at the official site, follow this link to the Exceptional Circumstances page at Bucks

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