Friday 23 August 2013

What Does a Great Portfolio Look Like? Sony Pictures Animation Explains....

What goes into a good portfolio? Like a great animation demo reel, an artist's portfolio is never done. It should contain only your very best work. Your best piece goes first, your second best goes last. Nowadays, a paper portfolio is pretty much a thing of the past - your work should be on your blog or website, and regularly updated. A permanent online showcase of your talent.

In this video, Sony Pictures Animation set out what they see as the vital ingredients of a portfolio, the kind of presentation that might land you a job with one of Los Angeles' leading animation studios.

It's much easier than it used to be to get hard information on what the studios are looking for. Fed up with seeing reels and portfolios they can't use, big studio HR departments have started setting out indetail what precisely it is they need and want from fresh talent.

You might also check this video below about what goes into a great animation demo reel.



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