Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Questions about our Online MA

I often get asked questions about the online MA in 3D Animation from prospective students, seeking to know more about what is actually involved in this unique degree. Which isn't surprising - after all, it's a big committment of time, money and energy to embark on an MA. I always welcome questions and do my best to answer promptly. Below is a list of some of the most common questions, with answers.

What software will be used for the master's degree?
The main software package we use is Autodesk Maya, which is now the industry standard. You can download a free copy from the Audoesk Education site.  Students should also have access to some editing software, such as Premiere Pro. We recommend signing up for the Adobe Creative Suite.

Is it possible to finish the MA in less than 18 months?
No, the MA is validated both internally and externally as an 18 month part-time programme. We cannot change the course length.

If an emergency were to occur while doing the masters, would I be able to pause and continue in a few months?
We treat such matters on a case-by-case basis, and are as flexible and supportive as our formal academic regulations will allow. It may possible to defer until the next year if an emergency arises.

Is the final degree identical to a degree given to a student that attends campus?
The award is a standard Master of the Arts. There is no difference between this award and one that is given for "on-campus" learning.

How much of the course is practical and how much is academic?
There are five modules, of which four are 70% practical, 30% academic in their content. The 30% academic content involves a researched/written component. The exception is the fifth dissertation module, which runs for the whole duration of the programme and is entirely research focused. This and all other research-based work is supported by Dr Fil Ieropoulos. The practical content is delivered by Alex Williams (that's me) through my online school Animation Apprentice.

Will there be a dissertation at the end?
Yes. The dissertation module this runs for the whole duration of the course but is broken down into smaller sections – starting with a focus on research methods.

Would I need to complete a TOEFL test or any other English requirement?
A good level of English is necessary for the course, but we treat all our applicants on a case-by-case basis.

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