Monday, 20 August 2018

Producing Animation Webinar Wed 23 August

Learn from the producer of Ultramarines
Veteran animation Producer Bob Thompson is hosting a webinar on Producing Animation on Wednesday 23 August.

The webinar, which is completely free, is titled "An Artist's guide to Animation Producers".  

Bob Thompson is an industry veteran with a long and successful track record of producing animated feature films, commercials and VFX projects, including Ultramarines and the Bionicle series.

The purpose of the webinar is to introduce artists to the business side of animation, which artists often don't understand, or tend to ignore.

But a good artist needs to get the business side of animation. After all, producers need artists who can be relied upon to deliver quality work, on time and on budget.
What's this webinar all about?
Bob Thompson, Ultramarines
Bob Thompson will take us into the world of the Animation Producer.  What does an animation producer actually do? How can artists work with them on a day to day basis?

Bob will help give a better sense of the big picture on an animated film project, and explain why some of the decisions that appear to be designed to drive artists insane, actually serve the wider needs of the project.

Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson is an Animation Producer who has worked as a Producer for the BBC and as the Head of Film for LEGO, Bob has developed and produced four feature length animations and has also worked on 3D attractions, television shows, toys, games and theme park rides and more than 30 different media categories. He is the founder of Good Story Productions who provide creative development, production, VFX and Post Production services & facilities for Film and other media.

To sign up for this free webinar, follow this link.

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