Thursday, 7 March 2019

Foxy Tail Rig - Great for Learning Animation

"Ultimate" Tail
Here at Bucks we're recommending this free "Ultimate Tail" Rig for all our students, available for download from CGMeetUp.

The "Ultimate" series are all well-tested rigs, which are specifically designed for learning animation.

We especially like the foxy "ultimate tail" rig, great for learning overlapping action. The rig has relatively few controls, and it's an excellent platform on which to learn the basics of animation locomotion.

What's included?
Included in the free pack are the "Ultimate" Walker (good for walk cycles), the "ultimate" ball (for ball bounces), a pendulum and also this cute little foxy tailed character - very useful for learning drag, follow-through and overlapping action.

"Ultimate" ball can be easily transformed
Who created these rigs? 
Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Are they easy to use?
Yes. They are well designed and are especially good for animators first learning to animate.

What is the license?

Where can you download them?

Ultimate Tail Rig Notes:

Unlock the World Control
When you first open the Ultimate Tail rig, you will find you can't keyframe the world control. To change it so that the World Control can be keyframed , follow these steps:
1. Windows/General Editors/Channel Control
2. Under the menu "non-keyable displayed", drag select all the translates and rotates and use the move button at the bottom to move them twice, into the keyable attributes box on the left hand side. Now you can keyframe the world control.

Scale Control
You can scale the Foxy tail rig by selecting the world control and changing the value of the Global Scale slider in the Channel Box.

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