Sunday, 8 March 2020

Meet "Flame"

Many congratulations to Bucks MA animation student Amedeo Beretta whose short film "Flame" is now being entered into international film festival competitions, with multiple acceptances and considerable success. Amedeo is an animation tutor at Escape Studios in London, and Flame is a project completed by his students, overseen by him, and an excellent example of the superb work being done by our online students at Bucks.

On a dark night in the desert, Flame is born, but she soon realizes that the storm that brought her life is now a threat to her survival.  Flame was directed by Cherelle Owusu and produced by Carolina Xavier, under the supervision of supervising tutor Amedeo Beretta.

Production statistics
Flame took 9 1/2 weeks to complete, used eight different software platforms, and used at least 40 computers to render.

Amedeo Beretta - Project Supervising Tutor
Carolina Xavier - Producer, Animator, Environment Artist
Cherelle Owusu - Director, Art Director, Animator and Character Designer
Luis David Marcillo-Coronado - Animation, Rigger, 2D Effects Designer
Joshua Thomas - Animator, Concept Artist, Modeling and Sound Design
Victor Andreas Lopez - Editor, Animator, Z Brush Modeler
Francesca Pesce - Lighting & Compositing Consultant
Mergim Gashi - Sound Designer
Paloma Zhu - Animator

Amedeo Beretta
Amedeo Beretta
Flame was supervised by Amedeo Beretta, who joined the animation team at Escape Studios in 2018.

Amedeo has worked on many major animation and VFX projects including Paul, John Carter and Planet 51, and combines extensive industry credits with plenty of teaching experience.

Amedeo studied the History of Cinema and Theatre at the University of Milan, and moved to London after graduation to work on animation and VFX projects for companies such as Double Negative, Scanline VFX, and Ilion Animation Studios.

He is currently enrolled onto the online MA in Animation at Bucks New Uni. 

Flame - Festivals
Cherelle, Carolina and Luis at CineShots
Flame is in a number of recent and upcoming festivals:

Flame - Official Site

Flame - IMDB

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