Monday, 7 September 2020

Do You Need a BA to Apply for an MA?

One question I get asked a lot at Bucks is this: "Do I need a BA in order to apply for the MA in animation?". The answer is yes, but also no. Ideally, candidates for our Online MA in 3D Animation will already have a BA in an arts-related subject. However, those without a BA can still go through what is called the APEL process.  APEL stands for "Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning", and is the formal recognition of prior learning by UK universities. APEL is the means by which students who do not have an undergraduate degree can gain entry onto a masters' level course, such as our master's programme in 3D animation.

About APEL
For example, an animator with five or ten years' experience in the industry might not realise they can apply for our MA course in animation, because they need a BA first. In fact, this would not necessarily be true.  We can consider a student's body of work, and their professional career, as a route into post-graduate study, permitting them to meet the necessary qualifications for entry onto a masters' programme.

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