Saturday, 14 August 2021

BBC Children's Animation Seeks Pitches

BBC Ignite wants your pitches
BBC Children’s Animation are seeking submissions for fresh, bold and innovative animation ideas. The scheme is called "Ignite" and the deadline is Midnight on 1st September 2021

For all our students who have been working on short films for the past couple of years - this is a perfect opportunity to pitch your materials to the UK's biggest broadcaster.

Successful pitches will be given a "fully funded development opportunity" to bring their project to the small screen.

You don't need to have created any finished animation for your project; more important is an idea of the stories you want to tell and who the main characters are.  To see more, follow this link.

BBC Children's Animation: Ignite
Could your idea be the next Peppa Pig?
BBC Children’s Animation is looking for fresh, bold, innovative new animation ideas for a fully funded development opportunity.

Anyone can pitch
You may be taking your first steps into animation, be a long-standing industry professional with something you’ve always wanted to explore or a production company or animation studio with an exciting new idea. Whatever your level of experience, BBC Ignite want to see your proposal with a view to developing it into an Industry Standard proof of concept with living breathing characters in a world that children will love.

Three Ideas To Fund
Up to three ideas will receive full development funding to create two minute animated pilots which will be considered for a commission by BBC Children’s.

Sole Creators Welcome
We’re looking for submissions from sole creators over the age of 18, collectives, animation studios, production companies, or anything in-between, where creatives would like to co-develop with the BBC rather than engage with the BBC via the usual commissioning process.  If you’re a sole creator, the BBC can help you find a creative team to help build authentic and engaging characters and stories for Children in the UK and around the world.

Criteria for Selection
The criteria for selection are wide and could include any of the following: originality, engagement for children, innovation, potential to run to multiple series, reaching an underserved section of our audience, international appeal, relatable storytelling and recognisable characters. But central to any idea must be that the stories, settings and characters represent the British culture and values.
More information can be found on our website:

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