Thursday, 30 September 2021

Jobs and Careers Playlist at YouTube

For all our graduates currently looking for work, check out the Animation Apprentice jobs and careers playlist at YouTube. There are plenty of opportunities to find work in the expanding animation industry, but it is important to have a solid demo reel and a well-curated LinkedIn profile - recruiters live at LinkedIn.  The jobs and careers playlist at YouTube offers advice and support on how to land that crucial first job in industry.

Finding Work in the Animation Industry
The How do animation graduates find work in the animation industry?  At BNU we work hard to ensure that our graduates are well prepared to find work in their chosen field.  Jobs in the entertainment industry have always been highly competitive, but the animation industry is expanding rapidly and demand for talent has never been greater.  Official jobs postings, word of mouth, rumours in the pub, personal contacts, even cold-calling - all of these can be effective ways to find work in the business.  

Careers Resources at Animation Apprentice
Animation Apprentice, which delivers the practical element of our MA in Animation, has many resources available aimed at helping our students find work in the animation industry. To get started, see the blog posts below:

For more on the experience of studying at Bucks New Universitycome and visit us at one of our Open Days, take a virtual tour of one of our animation studios, check out what our students think of our course, and see why we're ranked in the top 12 creative universities in the UK.

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