Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Float Folks Wins Best Trailer at Halicarnassus

Congratulations to the makers of "The Float Folks", the short teaser/trailer made at BNU by our animation students, which has won "Best Trailer" at the Halicarnassus Film Festival. 

The Float Folks is a TV Series created by Ian Foyle and directed by Monika Dzikowicz, currently in development.

The Float Folks is a fun, watery world, a miniature community of slightly oddball individuals.

The Float Folks
Float Folks wins Best Trailer at Halicarnassus
The Float Folks  invites the viewer into a world of fishing floats; a small town by the reed beds where everyone gets along (mostly) and the best way to travel is by dragonfly or dogfish.  

The Float Folks Teaser
To meet the characters, watch the 90 second teaser below:

Phil Quill - one of the Float Folks
The Float Folks was designed by Bucks Animation graduate Monika Dzikowicz, and animated by BNU animation students.  Music was composed by Bucks undergraduate Scott Benson, based on the original song by creator Ian Foyle. Sound design was by Kris Allen.  Animation was completed by  Lydon Fleisig, Dave Berry, Paula Gillin, Allan De Leal and Kalim Momen.

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