Friday, 13 May 2022

Key Creative Roles on an Animated Short


What are the key creative roles on a short animated film? Or, simply put, what are the jobs that absolutely have to get done in order to finish the project?  Below are the key roles that we believe must be filled in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Key Creative Roles
The key roles on a short animated film are: director, producer, editor, storyboard artist, layout artist, production designer, and pipeline supervisor. These are the jobs that must be done in order to get the film finished. If original assets are required, then modellers and riggers will be needed as well. Of course, we are assuming that everyone in the group will tackle animation.

BNU Film-making Resources
For a variety of information and resources on the making of animated short films, follow the links below:

Development & Pre-Production
"Early Bird" by Dan Fitzgerald


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