Saturday, 21 March 2015

Autodesk CG Student Awards - $360,000 To Be Won - Deadline May 13th 2015

Yes, you read that number right. Autodesk, creators of Maya and 3D Studio Max (among much else besides) have launched the CG Student Awards, featuring an astonishing $360,000 prize pool to be won by student animators and VFX artists. Not only is the potential prize money enormous, but once you enter, you still qualify for $96 worth of prizes - just for entering! Any student who is serious about a career in the animation and visual effects industry should not miss the chance to take part in this competition.  

Why should I enter?
You want an awesome job in animation and vfx what you love, right? That's why you've been working so hard perfecting your skills and dreaming of working for one of the top studios around the world. Well, it's time to show everyone what you can do and get launched into the spotlight.

What is this award all about?
Autodesk created the CG Student Awards to "create a platform for the next generation of talented artists". When you submit your demo reel and portfolio to the judging panel you will get your first official feedback, an industry approved rank that compares you against other students from around the world.

What are the prizes?
Internships! For 2015, Autodesk have twenty five Studio Internships available at companies such as Weta Digital, Epic Games, Moving Picture Company, and Double Negative.

Is there money too?
Tons! The prize pool is a massive $360,000 to be shared out amongst all the winners and entrants. If that isn't enough, everyone who enters gets $96 worth of prizes. Seriously, what more do you want? Stop reading this. Get your entry uploaded today.

What is the deadline?
Entries close May 13th, 2015.

Where do you apply?

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