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Bucks New University's Animation Course - a Student's View - by Krzysztof Michalski

Architectural render by Krzysztof Michalski
Krzysztof Michalski has been studying Animation, Games and Interactive Media at Bucks New University for the last three years, and will graduate this summer, having built a strong portfolio in 3D digital skills. We asked him what his experience of the course at Bucks had been like, what his plans were for the future, and how we can make our course even better than it is now.

Bucks Animation Blog: You are in your third year on the Animation Games and Interactive Media course at Bucks. How has the experience been?

Krzysztof: The beginning of my studies at Bucks was really difficult. When I started the course, I did not know much about either animation or 3D digital work. I also had problems with English language - which did not make my life easier.

My choice of the course was sheer luck - I thought “why not try 3D animation?” and I hit the bull’s-eye. I believe that only those who work hard can really think of achieving something, so this is why I decided to devote a lot of my time to catching up on everything and learning a lot of completely new skills.
Architectural render by Krzysztof Michalski
I owe a lot to my tutors who were always very competent, skilled and very understanding - especially when I faced some problems during the course.

On the course at Bucks, I had the opportunity to learn the leading industry software. During the first two years, we were doing different types of projects concerning animation, 3D modelling, photography, web design and motion graphics. We even shot our own Green Screen video - which was a great fun. In this final year we are now more focused on our different areas of specialisation.

Bucks Animation Blog: What sort of field are you hoping to go into when you leave?

Krzysztof: My biggest problem is that I am not 100% sure what I want to do in the future (Editor's note - join the club!).  This is mostly because I like doing many different things and I do not really want to resign from any of them.

I believe that the best option for me would be to become a 3D generalist because I feel quite confident both in 3D modelling as well as in lighting and texturing. However, I am lacking some experience in animation. I do not exclude the possibility of working just as a 3D modeller or as an architectural visualiser. In the end it does not really matter who or what I will be - as long as I will be doing 3d modelling and be paid for it.

Bucks Animation Blog:  Has Bucks given you a good grounding for a career as a digital artist?

Krzysztof: Honestly, I believe that choosing Bucks and this specific course was the best decision of my life so far. There are not many things which I could complain about - but there are plenty of things which I am very glad about. Apart from already mentioned tutors, I really like the broad variety of fields from which we could choose. We tried various projects so that everyone should know what he/she likes the most and what their strengths and weakness are. Later, it was up to us [the students] what skills we would like to develop further in the future.

Another positive thing was that we had a chance to talk with a number of different professionals who work in the industry and who were visiting our course. It was great to discuss their work, get feedback on our projects as well as useful advice on how to get to the industry.

In this final year, we put more emphasis on preparation for the future employment. Each of us needs to prepare a personal website with portfolio, a showreel, a CV or even a branding card.
3D Modelling by Krzysztof Michalski

Bucks Animation Blog: We are always looking to improve the course - what can we do better in the future?

Krzysztof: I do not really think that there are plenty of things which need improvement. For certain, it would be easier for animation students if the university invested in new computers. The current PCs are not bad; however, technology is constantly developing. Some of the operations which I do are quite sophisticated and they always take me a lot of time to complete.

Perhaps, we could have had more trips outside the University. It would have been nice to go to Oxford or to London for various GFX expositions.

The last thing is only my personal opinion. I would not mind if the course took not 3 but 4 years. I know that most people want to graduate as soon as possible to begin their own careers, however, I believe that 3 years is not enough and most students are not ready. 2 years for studying different techniques and software and another 2 years for developing our final choice and preparing portfolio would be perfect.
3D Model - homage to Star Wars
Bucks Animation Blog: thanks Krzysztof! We wish you the very best of luck with your career!

Krzysztof: Thankyou.

(Editor's note: Krzysztof, like many of our talented 3rd years here at Bucks, is looking for a job placement or internship this summer, ideally from around mid-April to mid-May. Anyone who is on the look out to place rising talent with their company should contact us at

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