Friday, 5 April 2013

Space Stallions!

Here is a marvellous short film recently completed by students at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, one of Europe's leading animation schools. It shows what can be done when a group of like-minded students come together with talent, dedication and perseverance, and pool their talents to create a short film.

There is no reason why we can't make films here at Bucks at (or even beyond) this level, if we apply ourselves and combine the right technical skills with imagination, great storytelling and creative flair.

Short films like Space Stallions can be entered to win prizes at international student film festivals - a huge kick-start for any graduate's career.

Our job as tutors at Bucks is to encourage, cajole and push our students to do the very best work they are capable of, so that by the time they graduate they have the right skills to land a job in industry. We want all of our students to be working at the highest creative and technical level by the time they are looking for work.

If the Danes can do it - so can we.


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