Friday, 3 May 2013

Allen Stroud's Kickstarter-funded project needs you!

Allen Stroud is one of our most entrepreneurial lecturers here at Bucks, running the highly successful  Film & TV department. He has recently raised enough money at Kickstarter to make a short film based on the 1980's cult video game ELITE. Short films require collaboration across many disciplines, and Allen needs animators!

Space ships, space stations, monsters, aliens - this could be an awesome opportunity to work on a live science fiction project, with an actual budget and a broad audience. ELITE was huge back in the '80s and the film can count on support from a wide fan base.

If you are interested, Allen is holding a general planning meeting on Wednesday of 8th May at 12 noon in OH2. He will be looking to discuss crew roles and initial location planning. So if you want to get involved (or know others who want to be involved), make sure you send your contact details to Allen before you (or they) leave for the summer.

Live projects like this are a great way to polish your skills, and also to wind up with professional, polished work on your demo reel - which is what you need to get a job in the industry. Allen is one of our most dynamic tutors here at Bucks - don't miss this opportunity.

And you can check out Allen's page here for further details on the project.


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