Thursday, 2 May 2013

Calling all animators - the Animation Talent Award wants your submissions!

The Animation Talent Award 2013, a short film competition with a focus on combining animation with music, has just launched. It takes place this summer in Halle, Germany, and you have until June 2nd to submit a project "in concept".

The Animation Talent Award is a short film competition that offers rising animation stars the chance to win a real production budget and create an animated short film. The competition has a distinct focus on music and animation.

Here's how to enter:

1. Register. Registration is now open at Don't delay - there are only 100 slots available.

2. Pick your music. Participants must select the music for their Short Film Project from among five pieces of music of different genres and styles presented on the contest’s website.

3. Start drawing. To, enter the contest, you only need a good concept - not a completed film. The submission deadline is June 2, 2013 - exactly one month from today. Concepts can be submitted in various forms such as sketches, descriptions of ideas, or storyboards

 4. Win money and prizes! (hopefully)
The successful participants will be selected by a jury, and can earn production money via crowdfunding at “startnext” and compete for an additional production budget of €2.500,00 (around £2,300) sponsored by ARTE Creative! Other prizes include a one year ADOBE Creative Cloud membership & a WACOM Inkling.

Any student at Bucks who wants to enter - come and talk to me, and we'll make a plan.


PS This kind of project is especially highly recommended for 2nd and 3rd year students, looking to jump-start their careers by entering (and hopefully winning) international competitions. Even if you don't win, what you learn by taking part is almost inevitably a huge benefit in itself.

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