Thursday, 3 October 2013

Free computers for our freshmen students!

Completely free! Well, sort of.
As promised, all of our freshmen students have now been given free laptop computers at the start of the new Animation & VFX course. Of course they are not really free, they were paid for with student tuition fees, but nonetheless we are delighted to be able to give something back to our new students which will help them to become self-sufficient digital artists over the next 3 years.

Having your own computer is the first stage of building your own career as a digital artist. We want all our students to find work in the digital creative industries when they leave Bucks, but equally important is the ability to run your own mini-studio from your bedroom.

There is a lot of work out there now available for solo digital artists, who can do excellent work at prices which undercut commercial studios. If you have the right software, enough talent and training, and very low overhead, you can build your own career from home.

In fact, there is nothing to stop you doing freelance work while you are still at Bucks. Check out the work done by our recent graduates, such as Mike Swan, who started freelancing while he was still an undergraduate, and also take a look at our latest film collaborative projects, in which all the artists work from home, putting the final film together online in a virtual studio. 

So fire up your laptop and start installing software. You would be amazed how much is available for free, or at greatly reduced rates for students.


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