Sunday, 27 October 2013

Summer School at Bucks - new emerging talent

Summer students at Bucks show how it's done
Every year at Bucks we run a free summer school for school-age students who want to pursue a career in visual media and the digital arts. Over the course of a week in July, these aspiring film-makers from all over the country collaborate on a project, learn the nuts and bolts of film-making, and create a film which they can be proud of. In just four days these novice students achieved some amazingly accomplished results. This is their work.

This year the brief was to create a TV commercial, and the project was guided by Deaglan McArdle and award winning director and Bucks tutor Rob Kelly. It is amazing what a group of inexperienced students were able to achieve under Deaglan and Rob's expert guidance in just a few days.

There was no animation component this year, but next year we’ll be collaborating with the live-action film-makers to produce animated digital elements for the project. Working with other film-makers helps to train animators in the practical realities of commercial projects - which are almost always a collaboration of some kind, and in which different disciplines have to come together to create a seamless whole.

Taking direction, working to a brief, hitting deadlines – these are all real-life skills that every student needs to learn. And summer school is a great way to get started. To find out more about our plans for summer school 2014, keep an eye on this blog and at the main Bucks New Uni website.


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