Friday, 19 February 2016


Hi Bucks Animation readers- Sydney here with a couple of fun animation projects from our second years: The Powerup Project is a simple brief with a lot of scope for creativity: it asks for a 5-10 second scene where a character gains power in some way. I suggested the students could literally transform the character if they liked-- animation is a great medium for magic, fantasy, and scifi after all!  This exercise is meant to practice clear storytelling through posing, while giving the students a chance to be playful with combining animation, effects, and camera work. The multitalented Mobo King delivered on all fronts with this great scene (he gets extra points because I'm a mad Steven Universe fan too :) )

I also enjoyed Radoslav Hristov's clever use of a mod of the Norman rig we use for our basic animation exercises:

We are still accepting applications for next year at Bucks Animation by the way, if you hurry! So you can make a Powerup of your own...

-- Sydney

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