Sunday, 2 May 2021

What Do Recruiters Want? Find out on 25 May

Tiffany Feeney
What Do Animation Recruiters Want? What are studios looking for? Find out on Tuesday 25 May at 12:30pm, when veteran animation recruiter Tiffany Feeney will offer her perspective on what exactly recruiters are looking for in animation talent.

Having recruited for Dreamworks, Reel FX and Blue Sky Studios, Tiffany Feeney knows what studios want and need.  

The event is taking place on 25 May at 1.30pm, with a Q&A to follow. This is especially recommended for all our students graduating this summer, or for any students looking for jobs and internships in animation and vfx.

Where and when
The event "What Recruiters Want: Animation, VFX, and Games" takes place on 25 May at 1.30 pm

How to Sign Up
To register and sign for this free Zoom call, follow the link below:

Tiffany has a lot of good advice for students seeking work in the industry. She always stresses the importance of students and recent graduates being on Linkedin, and also  regularly updating their Linkedin status.

For recruiters, availability of talent is key.  Are you looking for work right now, in a month's time, or three months?  If you are looking for work, make sure you say you are available.  If you know you will be free in a couple of months, say so. Recruiters are often looking for talent to begin work on a project a few months down the road. It helps them a lot if your Linkedin profile states when you are likely to be free. Above all, Linkedin is "your brand", and you should treat it seriously. As Tiffany put it "I live on Linkedin".

Be easy to find
Tiffany's recruitment agency "Talent Outpost"
Tiffany stresses how important it is for graduates to be easy to find online.  She advises that students should not password-protected demo reels, and avoid building websites with no contact details or email address. Be easy to find - don't make recruiters work hard to track you down.

How much are students worth?
Recent graduates often struggle to know how much money to ask for from an entry level job. Tiffany recommends to compare pay rates from city to city, and also, which gives information on what companies pay. The advantage of this is, when you know what the going rate is for a job, you know what is a reasonable salary to ask for.

Tiffany also recommends being on (the "invite-only community for people in Film & TV, Games & AR/VR"), which she described as "Linkedin for the VFX Industry".

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