Thursday, 10 March 2022

Nine Ways to Create a Great Pose

How do you create a great pose in animation? Creating great poses is a necessary skill for all animators to learn. In the video above, I suggest nine ways that an animator can create a great pose - the key starting point for a great acting scene. 

Creating Great Poses
Key Pose by Joris Van Laar
Creating a great pose is important because body language and facial expressions tell us a huge amount about what a character is thinking and feeling. But how do you create a great pose? Many animators use thumbnail sketches to plan their work, or film themselves acting out the shot, or a combination of the two.  

Drawing is Helpful - But Not Essential
Of course, not all animators (especially 3D animators) like to draw, and in this case there may be more reliance on shooting live action reference. But, however you choose to do it, you need to wind up with a series of great poses that tell a story. 

Resources on Planning Animation
Alex Southcombe Acting Pose
For more resources on how to plan animation (including how to use thumbnail sketches and live action), follow these links:

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