Thursday, 7 November 2013

Assignment Hand-ins - an Animator's Guide

E4.08. The Helpdesk of Doom
Confused about how to hand in your first assignment? Worried you will miss the deadline or fail to fill in the right form? Check out our step-by-step guide to make it all painless and super easy.

Where do I hand in my assignment?
The E4.08 helpdesk (pictured above).
Help is at hand...
What Should I submit?
That depends on the assignment - each one is a bit different. Check the submissions part of the assignment brief. Usually, you submit a CD or a memory stick with your digital files. Typically you will submit a movie file (a qt or .avi) and also a Word or PDF document explaining in some detail the research and development of your idea.

We recommend a CD because they are cheap. Don't expect to get anything back that you hand in - this is good training for industry. Never submit a portfolio you wouldn't mind getting lost.

When is it due?
That depends on the assignment. But note that assignments are invariably due at 2pm. Get 'em done the day before at the latest, to be safe.

Do I have to fill in a form?
Of course! There are always forms to fill in. The one you want is the Assignment Submission Form. It has a handy checklist on it to remind you on some of the stuff you need to do. There are loads of forms in the pouches on the wall - just grab one and fill it out.

More forms. Yay!
What do I do with my finished assignment?
Hand it in to one of the helpful staff at the Help Desk. Tell them which tutor it is for so it does not end up in the wrong pile.

What if I can't make the deadline?
Check with the help desk for the details of the rules but, in general, the good news is you still have 10 working days (ie 14 calendar days) to submit your assignment if you miss the deadline. The bad news is your marks will be capped at no more than 40%, which is still a pass, but only just. Unless, of course, you have a very good excuse, such as a family crisis or a sudden illness, in which case you must fill out a form at the heath desk requesting an extension (see below).

What if I need more time than 10 days?
If you still need more time, get the help desk to give you a form to fill in requesting an extension. We may be able to give you more time if you have special reasons, such as a health crisis.


(Editor's note: for more information on how stuff works here at Bucks, check out this guide for our new students. Anyone who needs a bit of extra help with the academic side of your studies - the Learning Development Unit is at your disposal, and they love to help. Fancy a mentor who can help guide you through your first year? Check out how mentoring works at Bucks. Finally, here's a guide to the library and all its resources.)

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