Saturday, 23 November 2013

Student Showcase - Our Talented First Year Animators

Every animation course begins with a bouncing ball
Our new Animation & VFX course has been up and running for just six weeks now, but our freshmen animators are already doing excellent work. Their first formally assessed brief was to do a short piece of abstract animation set to music. In order to pass, the students had to be able to demonstrate that they had mastered all the basic 3D skills: modeling, texturing, camera, animation, lighting, render and final output.

Below is a small selection of some of the films which came out particularly well.

Georgia Nicholls - Benny Hill Bouncing Ball

James Hatton - Abstract animation to music

James Mdhluli - abstract animation to music

Congratulations to all of them on their great work. The standard overall was incredibly high, especially given that all of them have only just begun their studies. In fact, it was tough to make the selects - there was so much good work submitted. I am thrilled with the high standard this year and look forward to seeing more excellent animation in the future.


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