Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Cheapest Way from High Wycombe to London - Revealed at Last!

Bucks SU Inter-Campus Link Bus
Getting to and from London can be expensive for our students in High Wycombe, but finally we can reveal The Cheapest Way to travel from High Wycombe to London. Instead of taking the train from the main station, all you have to do is catch the free Bucks Students' Union Inter-Campus Link Bus. It goes to (and from) our High Wycombe campus to the Uxbridge campus. From Uxbridge, catch the Tube from Uxbridge station into Central London on the Metropolitan line or the Piccadilly line using your Oyster card. If you travel off-peak, a return ticket to central London is just £6, and you won't pay more than £8.90 for a whole day's travel within the capital.

London - just £8 away. Photo: Wikipedia
To find the free shuttle bus, follow this link.  And to see a timetable of when the service runs (every half hour), follow this link which connects to a PDF timetable.

You will need one of these
Why travel to and from London? Because that's where the animation and visual effects industry is to be found. Wycombe has many pleasures, but show business is thin on the ground here. If you are looking for VFX events like Blue GFX, or seeking an internship or a job  - you've got to get yourself to London (and back). Luckily, we're not far away. 

Wycombe train station. Fast trains to London - but pricey. Photo: Wikipedia
Of course, the most direct and speedy way is to take the train from Wycombe Railway Station to Marylebone; there are two fast trains every hour, but if you're counting the pennies (and most of our students are) then the free Students' Union Inter-Campus Link Bus is a very cost-effective way to make the most of all that the capital has to offer. And you get to ride in a Mercedes Benz.

The journey time is around 25 minutes, depending on the traffic. Note that the last bus home to Wycombe from Uxbridge is at 9.15pm, so don't be late.

To check the latest prices on tube tickets, visit the official tfl page, or this handy page here.

Another option - Bus 740 and A40

If the free bus doesn't suit your timetable, don't forget there is a public bus from High Wycombe to Uxbridge. It's the 740 and A40, run by Carousel, and costs £4.30 to go to Uxbridge. These Carousel buses run much earlier than the free shuttle, from around 5.30am, so if you need to get to London early,  this is the way to go. You can find out more here.


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