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What Is It Like For Overseas Students Studying at Bucks? Radoslav Hristov Explains

From Bulgaria to High Wycombe. Image: Wikipedia
Radoslav Hristov is one of our newest students at Bucks, having come to High Wycombe from Bulgaria to study Animation and Visual Effects. We asked him to talk about what brought him to the UK, and what life is like at Bucks for students from overseas.

3D Model by Radoslav Hristov

Bucks: How did you find about about studying Animation & VFX at Bucks?

RH: I initially started looking for universities in Bulgaria, but unfortunately none of them had anything to do with 3D art and animation, therefore I looked up the course I wanted abroad, which then led me to Bucks.

Of course, there were many other universities to choose from, but it was the showreel that caught my attention. It is why I'm starting to think that showreels are important for catching new students' attention.

3D artwork by Radoslav Hristov
Bucks: How has your experience been so far?  

RH: The experience within the course so far is beyond my expectations, the lessons are very smooth and clear. It's like being in school, only 10 times more fun!

Outside Bucks has so far been a positive experience. Bulgarian students would be surprised at the climate changes here in the UK. Most people, including me, expect it to be rainy every day, but so far it's been quite sunny.

3D Artwork by Radoslav Hristov

Bucks: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced? 

RH: The biggest challenge at least for me and probably almost every Bulgarian student is to manage the standards of living and of course the currency ratios. I also find it difficult to search for any part-time jobs, mainly because I've never worked before and it is all new experience here.

High Wycombe Welcomes You
Bucks:. What can Bucks do to be more welcoming to students from overseas? 

RH: Perhaps Bucks could offer to students a guide/tour or someone who can personally show them around the university and possibly even around the town. Where and what they can do, because I've found it slightly difficult to understand most of the activities during the first 2 weeks. It could be of great benefit for new students to have all the information available to them.

Bucks: What advice would you give to other students from Bulgaria and other countries who would like to study at Bucks? 

RH: Advice: do not make the same mistake as I did. Be prepared to be able to cook and have working experience before going abroad. Otherwise you would find yourself in a difficult situation, far from your family.
Advice to students: Learn to Cook! Image: Wikipedia
Also, don't rely on financial support as you may or may not receive it. Be ready to search for part-time work, because it is unlikely that you will be able to keep yourself going for the next three years without any income.
Money: Always a challenge

However, other than the financial issues new Bulgarian students are likely to have, I think Bucks is an amazing university with talented people and awesome tutors!

Some of my past work can be found here:!content/c189b

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