Sunday, 14 June 2015

BAFTA Piccadilly hosts film-making masterclasses on July 11th - for just £6

On Saturday 11 July,  the BAFTA HQ in London at 195 Piccadilly will open its doors to emerging filmmakers for a day of masterclasses and panels with some of the UK’s major film industry organisations. The classes are hosted by industry experts, aimed at helping emerging filmmakers improve their creative and business skills. Best of all, each lecture/masterclass costs just £6 - cheaper than the price of a movie ticket.

A BAFTA award. Image: Wikipedia
What's going on?
All kinds of lectures and workshops on getting films made.  To see what's on, follow this link here. Some of the most interesting lectures are on how to cast your film (where else can you learn that?), and on producing independent film.

Where is it happening?
BAFTA HQ in London at 195 Piccadilly. Make sure you stop in at Fortnum and Mason when you leave to stock up on chocolate truffles - yum.

Do you have to be a BAFTA member?
No - the Masterclasses are open to everyone.

Why learn about the business?
Getting films to the screen isn't easy, even for big studios, and the independent film-maker has to wear many hats. You need to be a jack-of-all trades, and most of all you need to understand the business - and how it works.  

But I'm an animator - what's the point in all this industry stuff?
Here at Bucks we recommend learning as much as you can about the industry we work in, and attending as many events as you can, not just to learn new skills but also to forge connections with other industry professionals. You never know who you will run into - and who may be willing and able to help you out on your own projects. Plus, the BAFTA clubhouse is a fun place to hang out.

No matter how much you know in this business - you never stop learning. We'll see you there!

Where can I buy tickets?

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