Friday, 12 June 2015

Weight Lift Animation by Anthoni Zakheos

Creating a believable sense of weight and balance is one of the hardest skills to acquire as an animator. After all, unlike stop-motion animation, our digital creations have no real weight at all: they are just collections of pixels moving around on a screen. The weight that the audience sees must be entirely simulated; the animator must maintain the illusion convincingly and plausibly throughout the shot.  One of our first year students, Anthoni Zakheos, recently competed an excellent piece of work showing a complete understanding of the tricks needed to pull of the illusion of weight.

This is a piece of work that is now demo-reel ready. An animator's demo reel is their shopfront, their demonstration of talent. The secret of a great animation reel is simple - it must be completely free of mistakes. As Aardman animator Matt Rees puts it: "you are only as good as the worst thing on your reel".

Anthoni is well on his way to building a great demo reel - the secret to finding work in our industry.

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