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Bucks MA Academic Deadlines 2018-2020

2018-2020 deadlines
Below is a list of deadlines for the online MA in 3D animation. This list is for our 2018 cohort of students, that is to say all our student animators who joined us in September 2018, and will graduate in the summer of 2020.

This list of deadlines is a draft list only, and is subject to change. Students should always check the appropriate Module Guide and Assignment Brief to be certain of the correct submission date. However, this list should give all our students a pretty good idea of what to expect over the coming year.

Kiwi by Oliver Canovas DA703 PR1
DA701 PR1      Monday 10th December 2018

DA701 CW1     Friday 11th Jan 2019

DA702 CW1     8th March 2019
DA702 PR1      Monday 22nd April 2019

DA705 CW1     3rd May 2019

DA703 PR1      Monday 10th June 2019
DA703 CW1     28th June 2019

"School Run" by Lee Caller: DA701 PR1
DA704 CW2     20th Sep 2019
DA704 CW1     15th Nov 2019
DA704 PR1      9th December 2019

DA705 CW2     17th Jan 2020
DA705 CW3     Spring 2020 (final submission date tbc)

What happens if you miss a deadline?
Missing deadlines is a bad idea and it's always best to submit on time, even if what you have is imperfect. However, sometimes missing a deadline is unavoidable. For more information on what to do if you miss - or think you might miss - a deadline, read this blog post.

Module Information
We have five modules on the MA in 3D animation. To see what's in each module, read below. 

DA701 - Animation Mechanics 
This first module, taught primarily in Maya, deals with animation basics, such locomotion and mechanics. It starts with simple actions such as the bouncing ball, and builds up to simple physical actions, such as jumps and throws. At the end of the Module students submit a project for formal assessment based on character locomotion, such as the one below by graduate Neil Whitman.

DA702 - Character Performance
In this second module, students get to grips with character performance, including complex physical actions, pantomime animation, acting, dialogue and lipsync. The module builds up to an entry in the monthly 11 Second Club competition, which is also part of the student's assessed work. Below is an excellent example by Bucks MA student Jinng Hwee Tan.

DA703 - Animals and Creatures
This module focuses on animal and creature work, with an emphasis on the kind of photo-realistic animation in which London studios like Framestore, MPC and DNeg specialise. Students learn quadruped locomotion, as well as how to animate creatures like birds, spiders and scorpions.

DA704 - Demo Reel and Final Project
This penultimate module focuses on the creation of a final project and also a demo reel to showcase the student's best work. A demo reel is the student's shop front, their display of talent and skill, and is the single most important factor in finding work in the industry.

DA705 - Dissertation
This final module is entirely academic in character, and involves the writing of a dissertation, under the supervision of Fil Ieropoulos.
The first four Modules run consecutively through the year and while the last module, DA705, runs through the entire year alongside the other modules.

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