Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lost at Bucks? - How to find your way around campus

Buckinghamshire New University has a relatively small campus by university standards, but our sprawling complex of buildings in High Wycombe can be still hard to navigate, especially in your first semester or two. Lost at Bucks? Find our fabulous map below.

This month we are doing life drawing classes on Monday mornings with Mark Hudson's graphics students, sharing their space and bringing our two disciplines, graphics and animation, together. You can find full details of the class at this blog post here. Graphics is located on the ground floor of the Timberlake building (marked number 9 on the map), just off the main car park in the centre of Bucks.

And while we're on the subject, take a gander at this handy map below - the one the university hands out on open days. It's the best map of campus I have found - and my own dog-eared copy was indispensible during my first few weeks at the Uni when I could hardly find my way to the car park.

The buildings that are mainly of interest to animators are these:
  • No 10 - Gateway Building - our arts and media hub. Most of our teaching happens here
  • No 9 - Timberlake. Here you will find Graphics on the ground floor, Foundation Art on the first floor, and Fine Art on the second. All good places to hang out and find inspiration.
  • No 3 - The East Wing. On the fourth floor, at E4.02, you will find the office of animation tutors David Creighton, Alex Williams (me) and Nick Brown.
Print out a copy and carry it around with you - and never get lost again.


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