Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Summer internships at Framestore - time to polish your demo reel....

Framestore is looking for talented and creative undergraduate students to join their 2014 summer intern scheme. According to Framestore, "the Internship will give the successful applicants a unique opportunity to become important members of the creative team and gain valuable experience working for one of the largest and most respected special effects and computer animation studios in Europe".

Framestore say that they are looking for "individuals who share their passion for high-end visual effects and can demonstrate a genuine commitment to their chosen career path".

Summer internships are being offered in the following areas of visual effects work:

- 3D – Animation, Modelling, Technical Direction, Rigging, Texture/Digital Matte Painting, Art Department, Tracking

- 2D – Roto-scoping, Compositing

- Production

Who can apply?
If you are entering the final year of your degree then you will have the opportunity to join the internship scheme.

What kind of work will interns do?
Interns "will be exposed to a wide range of work and will be given a real-life view of what a career with Framestore would be like. Your learning will be through a combination of hands-on experience, scheduled presentations and informal get-togethers. You will have the opportunity to learn first-hand what a career in post-production would be like."

What kind of work did interns do last year?
In 2013, Framestore interns had the opportunity to work on many projects, including Jupiter Ascending, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Robocop as well as many other shows.

When does it start?
The 2014 intern scheme will run from 7th July 2014 till 29th August 2014

Is it a paid position?

When should you apply?
Now. You must apply online by Sunday 4th May.


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