Sunday, 4 May 2014

Animals and Creatures Reel from Animation Apprentice

Here at Bucks we are committed to training animators not just in character animation but also in creature work, doing the kind of animation that is in high demand at Soho visual effects houses like Framestore, MPC, Double Negative and Cinesite. Our second year animators will devote at least a quarter of their time just to the business of animating animals and creatures, preparing them for a successful career in visual effects.

I teach animation not just at Bucks but also at my online school at, founded in September 2012. Animation Apprentice is still a very young animation school, but we have just put together the first compilation of animal and creature work, showcasing some of the best work done by the students.

Starting in September, our second year animators will start to tackle similar exercises, making animation that feels realistic and believable, but also has character and personality. Bringing creatures to life in a photorealistic environment is a hard trick to pull off, but with the right training and the right amount of practice, we should soon be seeing work at Bucks of the same - or even higher - standard.

Last year when we put the creature animation module together we had input from Kevin Spruce, head of animation at Framestore, and one of the best creature animators in the world.  He kindly agreed to be our external validator, casting an experienced eye over the course content, and helping to make sure that the work being done is of the right standard.


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