Thursday, 22 May 2014

BBC Academy Career Shadowing Scheme: paid placements for visual effects artists

Calling all visual effects artists at Bucks: A new career shadowing scheme has been launched by the BBC Academy, offering paid placements in some of the UK's top visual effects houses, including Milk and Double Negative. Here is a chance to get real-life experience at a leading VFX house, and  get paid to do it as well.

What is on offer?
A number of work placements are up for grabs across the creative media, including broadcaster Discovery, indie Twofour and social media production company Telegraph Hill. It's all thanks to the new Career Shadowing Scheme which is currently offering paid two–week shadowing opportunities to TV freelancers.

Who is eligible?
The scheme, delivered by the BBC Academy in partnership with Creative Skillset and the Royal Television Society, is open to freelancers with over five years’ experience. The goal is to provide 30 applicants with an understanding of the skills and talent needed to work in a different area of television.

Which visual effects houses are involved?
Visual effects placements are available at visual effects companies Milk (Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Ice Age Giants) and Double Negative TV (The Vatican, By Any Means, and Death in Paradise).

Is it worth applying?
As always, we strongly recommend that our students, and especially graduates who have already accumulated some experience, apply for this. Even if you don't win, what you will learn simply from having gone through the process of applying will be invaluable. Every time you apply for a new position, you raise your game and get better at the process. Persistence pays off in the end.

You can see the full story here:

To apply for a paid placement, follow this link.


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