Thursday, 8 May 2014

Student Showcase - David Wheeler takes on Premier nappies

David Wheeler is one of our talented third year students at Bucks, building a portfolio of work to start looking for freelance work and employment in the digital arts. He has developed some excellent skills in digital design and illustration, doing a good deal of design work on group film projects. He is especially proficient with Adobe Illustrator, which led to a recent freelance job for a manufacturer of baby-related products - Premier nappies. We asked him how the job went, and what he had to do to complete it.

Self portrait by David Wheeler

Bucks: You just did some freelance work for baby product manufacturer Premier Nappies? How did it go?

David: I felt it went very well, the company were very friendly, they understood what they wanted from me and it was fun to do!

Bucks: What was the brief?

David: The brief asked me to turn a bitmap PSD (Photoshop) file converted over to a vector illustration with some modifications to the original design along the way.

Adobe Illustrator
Bucks: What software did you use to complete it?

David: Adobe Illustrator (that goes for the rest of all my other illustration work too).

Bucks: What challenges did you meet along the way?

One of the first challenges I encountered was that the company wanted me to visit their office with a laptop, so they could see the illustration take place in front of them. Unfortunately, I don’t own a laptop, and use a desktop computer instead. So, bouncing files between me and the client took a bit of extra time, but it all worked out in the end.

Bucks: What would you do differently next time?

David: As much as I love freelancing from the comfort of home, it is definitely better to own a laptop packed with the Adobe suite just in case!

Summertime by David Wheeler
Bucks: What advice would you offer to students looking to take on freelance work at Uni?

David: Be confident in yourself and talents, know if you can achieve the task at hand and go above and beyond to make the client happy!

Hey Beautiful by David Wheeler

You can see more of David's work at his website here


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