Saturday, 10 May 2014

Freelancing Workshop on Monday with Lydiah Igweh from Enterprise at Bucks

On Monday May 12th we welcome Lydiah Igweh, who runs the Enterprise at Bucks program, to introduce a freelancer's workshop for our Animation and Visual Effects Artists. As the long summer vacation approaches, we strongly encourage our students to take on small freelance jobs, do internships and work placements, and in general take advantage of the many opportunities to develop real-life work skills. Lydiah's workshop has been custom-designed for our digital artists, so this is a great opportunity to start thinking about how you might develop a freelance career.

Lydia will be getting our students thinking about what life is like as a solo freelancer, how to build your own freelance brand, how to find clients (and how to keep them), and how to target the right market for what you do.

This will be a workshop session so all our students will have the chance to design and pitch their own brand during the session.

We are also welcoming students from the 2nd and 3rd years are also welcome. Our final year students will graduate this summer, so the importance of learning freelance skills is more obvious now than ever.

Come along on Monday and take advantage of Lydiah's expertise.


(Editor's Note: To see some of the impressive freelance work done by our students and recent graduates here at Bucks, check out the work of Jens KopkeBen Gray's Moonbeam, and the architectural visualisations of Sabah Masood and Anton Alfimenko. Also take a look at the work of Andy Thomas here, see our latest commercial project for Rocketseed, our short film done for a global aid agency, and take a look at the excellent work of designer Monika Dzikowicz, architectural visualisation specialist Krsytof Michalski, Alex Whitfield and the 3D artwork of Mike Swan.)

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