Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Monika Dzcikowicz Poster for Award Winning Short

Charlie & Yip by Monika Dcikowicz
Bucks animation graduate Monika Dzcikowicz has designed a poster for the award-winning animated short, Charlie and Yip, which won Best Animation at the British Animated Film Festival this year.

Since graduating from Bucks, Monika has developed a successful freelance career working for a variety of commercial clients.

She has also been directing projects at Nano Films, our small film co-operative that makes short animated films for commercial clients.

Monika has a unique skillset of artistic and technical skill, combining attractive visual designs with a thorough knowledge of the technical pipeline to bring a project to completion. 

Monika Dzcikowicz
The poster was executed in Photoshop, using elements composited from the film. Part of the job of an aspiring film-maker is to be able to master as many elements of the film-making process as possible, including story, design, the ability to create an eye-catching image and, of course the ability to work to a client brief.

You can see more of Monika's work, which includes design, animation, visual development and storyboards, by following this link.  To see more about Charlie and Yip, read our post here.

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