Monday, 22 September 2014

Fresher's Week at Bucks!

Welcome to Fresher's Week!  Our new students arrive on campus today and we will soon welcome back our Level 5 and Level 6 students at the end of this week. Summer is over; the university now kicks into the its busiest part of the year.

Induction and the return to your next year of study can be a stressful time. There is a lot to arrange and sort out outside of University with accommodation etc, so we do try to make the process at University as painless as possible.

For our Freshmen (Level 4), the priority is on getting you settled in and enrolled. At the start of the week you'll meet your personal tutor, get your computer account sorted and should get your timetable for the year. Your personal tutor should be your first port of call as you settle into your classes and regular sessions should be available for you to ask any questions related to your studies. Personal tutors at Level 4 will be me (Alex Williams) and Nick Brown. We have two cohorts starting with us in Animation and VFX so we will splitting our freshers into two groups of around 14 each.


We'll be starting everything on Monday 22nd of September at noon in G1.13, our main computer room in the Gateway building (the one that looks like a big blue TV set). Don't forget to get yourself at map at reception!

You will be meeting with personal tutor for one to one meetings on Wednesday September 24th, also in G1.13, so we can meet you personally and get to know each other.

Formal enrollment takes place on thursday at 1.30pm in the Events Hall. After that is the Graduate Panel, in the General Lecture Theatre (GLT) when industry professionals will come and talk to all our students about the world of professional work in creative media.

University life is a different experience for everyone. If any part of your time outside of Bucks starts to affect your studies then you need to let your personal tutor know. Its easy sometimes to get stuck in thinking about your tutors like teachers from school, but really the relationship is different and changes over your study period. The staff team is here to help and wants you to succeed.

For students at Level 5, your priorities are different as you already know what life at the University is about, so there's less need for an introduction. However, some short sessions on what to expect in your new year of study have been scheduled and you'll be able to meet new lecturers and ask questions of them. We want you to be comfortable and informed about the coming year, so do ask questions and make use of the time.

For Level 6 students, the start of your final year is very important. The vast majority of your final grade is determined by your level 6 modules and the year is very much about you creating the work that you want to be known for when you begin your career.

If you can't make the induction sessions for any reason do let us know.  Emailing tutors is a good idea; then we can try to help you get up to speed.

For more on starting out at Bucks, see this post.

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