Sunday, 28 September 2014

UK Creative industries are "worth £71.4 billion per year"

Creative industries are worth £71 billion a year
The UK Creative industries are "worth £71.4 billion per year", according to the UK's Business Secretary Vince Cable. In an article in Wired news two days ago, the British Government announced a big new investment in a NextGen Skills Academy to help close the skills gap in creative industries in the UK.  The story was also covered by the BBC. What does this mean for students at Bucks? Hopefully, big new opportunities in employment in the future.

Vince Cable
Cable also added that: "Visual effects and games in particular are a great British success story. But if we're to maintain our cutting-edge position, we need to make sure that we have the talent and skills the industry needs."

Plus, the industry is expanding fast. According to a a report from Ukie and the innovation charity Nesta, there are currently some 1,900 games businesses in the UK - an astonishing number in an industry that is only likely to increase in size.

Arts minister Ed Vaizey described the creative sector as "a powerhouse within the UK economy" but said employers often found it hard to recruit staff who were up-to-speed with the latest technologies.

Here at Bucks we teach cutting edge skills with the latest software. If you're interested in getting the training you need to become a great animator, and take advantage of the opportunities now on offer in new media industries, come in and visit us on our next Open Day, and discuss how we can help you start your career in creative media.


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