Sunday, 23 November 2014

Industry Panel at Bucks on Wednesday December 3rd To Launch New BBC Partnership

BBC comes to Bucks
The BBC is coming to Bucks, introducing an industry panel on Wednesday December 3rd from 12.30pm in Gateway Lecture Theatre, and launching a new partnership between Bucks and BBC Introducing, the part of the BBC that encourages new musical talent.

Bucks students have been filming live music performances for some years now and have gained a bit of a reputation for doing this to a high level of professional skill.  Hence the new partnership, supporting the BBC's remit from government to promote new music and find new, yet undiscovered bands.

The event will be held in the Gateway Building
The music output will be broadcast via BBC 3 Counties on the Saturday following the Wednesday multi-camera shoot, and the video output will be promoted via the BBC Introducing YouTube site.

So who is on the panel?
Panelists on Wednesday December 3rd include:
  • Andy Rogers (R1 and 1Xtra Live Music Producer)
  • Paul Long (R2 and 6Music Live Music Producer)•
  •  Gareth Lloyd (Presenter, BBC Introducing ­‐ Chair)
  • Mark Forrer (Producer, Bound Films)
  •  Francesca Tee (Deputy Production Manager, EnTEEtainment)
What's it all about?
It's all about live shoots, and filming new bands. The live shoots are a collaborative project that will engage all three course areas within the Department. The multi-camera crews comprise Film & TV Production students, the audio crews who manage live sound and post-production/mixing are Audio & Music Production students.

Where do the animators come in?
When we have installed our new Vizrt VR (virtual reality) solution, (likely to happen around Christmas), we will be able to offer the option of filming a band in a full virtual reality set, created by our Animation and VFX students as a full 3D render that will then run in real time via the green screen studio facility.

BBC Introducing

Who are BBC Introducing anyway?
According to their website:
"BBC Introducing brings together all of the BBC's supporters of undiscovered and unsigned music. If you're making music, upload your best tracks and get your music heard by the BBC. Your music could be played on our family of BBC radio shows and you could bag yourself a slot on the BBC Introducing festival stages or one of our Introducing sessions. "

So come along on December 3rd; it should be a great launch of an exciting major new partnership for the University.

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