Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lyuboslav Angelov explains what it's like coming from overseas to study at Bucks

From Bulgaria to High Wycombe
Lyuboslav Angelov is one of our first year animation students, having made his way to High Wycombe from Bulgaria to start with us on the second year of the new Animation and Visual Effects course this past September. We asked him to talk about what it was like coming to study in the UK, how he is finding the course so far, and what some of the challenges have been.

3D VFX by Lyuboslav Angelov
Bucks: How did you find about studying Animation & VFX at Bucks?

Lyuboslav: Well I was searching through a lot of courses on Google and yours popped out. I liked it and eventually settled for it.

3D Visual Effects by Lyuboslav Angelov

Bucks: How has your experience been so far?

Lyuboslav: Awesome! It is way better than I had imagined. People are friendly, helpful and organized. The university itself looks very modern, has cutting edge equipment and hosts a lot of cool events - so yeah, I like it.

Gateway Building - modern media hub

Bucks: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

Lyuboslav: I’ve got to say, even though that may sound pretty surprising for some people, the most difficult thing for me was getting on a plane, landing in Heathrow and finding my way to High Wycombe and university accommodation. I’ve never flown on a plane nor left my home country so it was a pretty stressful experience.

High Wycombe
Bucks: What can Bucks do to be more welcoming to students from overseas?

Lyuboslav: I’d like to see more effort spent on getting new students familiar to Bucks and how everything works, because I’ve found it difficult to find information on activities, sports, social clubs and so on. Possibly we should have a tour of all the facilities of the university when we first arrive.

Bucks:  What advice would you give to other students from Bulgaria and other countries who would like to study at Bucks?

Lyuboslav:  Research, research, research! Get as much information as possible about the course you want to study - and possibly feedback from students undergoing the course at university - to see if it suits what you want. And if you like it, go for it! It is very exciting to experience student life at Bucks New University.

To see more of Lyubosav's work, you can visit his website here. And to see some of the excellent work he has done since coming to Bucks, watch the video below of his first assessed assignment - abstract animation set to music. 

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