Thursday 4 December 2014

New Government Loans for Students Hoping to Do an MA in 2016

Government Piggy Bank - now available for post-graduate study. Photo: Wikipedia
A new student loan system for postgraduate master's degrees starting in 2016 has been announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement. George Osborne said the new loans would "revolutionise" access to postgraduate university courses - this is very good news indeed for any of our students who would like to go on to do an MA in animation or related fields in digital media.

Image: Wikipedia

The government-backed loans, worth up to £10,000, will be available from 2016-17 and will benefit around 40,000 students, according to a story in the BBC online today.

What subjects qualify?
Loans will be offered in any master's subject.

How old/young do you have to be?
It will only be available to students under the age of 30.

Does the money have to be repaid?
Yes, the loans must be repaid, concurrently with any undergraduate loans.

We think that this initiative is excellent news, and it will make access to higher education at post-graduate level much easier for students across the UK. For many students, an undergraduate BA is just the beginning of their studies; after all it might take a year or two for many students to figure out what field they would like to enter when they graduate. Post-graduate study can be a useful way to focus on a specific field and dig into it with greater seriousness, often carrying out original research and developing both academic and practical skills.

To see the full story, visit the BBC website:

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