Thursday, 18 December 2014

Student Showcase - Abstract Animation Set to Music by our First Year Animators

Abstract animation set to music - by Sham Salim
Our new Animation and VFX course at Bucks is growing steadily, and our freshmen students are more dynamic and creative than ever, having made a stunning start on their first assessed animation exercise – an abstract animation piece set to music. We are proud to showcase here some of our students' best work. Part of the assessment involved collaborating with the sound design students at Bucks, helping our animators to take advantage of the stunning grange of facilities and talent available here at our High Wycombe campus. Film-making is rarely a solo venture, and working with other students who are specialists in their own field invariably helps our animators raise their game.

A sound designer at work at Bucks
The submissions this year were so strong that it was hard to make choices on which ones to showcase. Out of 27 students at Level 4 (that’s the first year of Uni), everyone submitted on time, and everyone passed.  Not just that, every student submitted excellent work, and we are proud that they have gotten off to such a flying start. Below is a selection of some of the best films to enjoy.

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Jack Hubbard

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Lyuboslav Angelov

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Chelsea Noke

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Pippa Stark

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Miles Skarin

Below: Abstract Animation to Music by Connor Butcher

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Radoslav Hristov

Below: Abstract Animation to music by Paulina Kepinska

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  1. I was thinking of making an animation for Animation Monster US , anyone have any ideas?