Thursday, 11 December 2014

Win £750! - Competition Launched for a Video on Life at Bucks New Uni

Bucks New Uni Film Competition
Calling all Bucks Animators! The Bucks Students’ Union is running a competition for university students and alumni to produce a short video about what it’s like to study here at Bucks. There is £750 up for grabs with a £500 prize for the most-viewed video at YouTube (ie a popularity contest) and a second prize of £250 for the best video as judged by a university panel.

£750 to be won! Image: Wikipedia

What are the prizes?
£500 for the most-viewed video on YouTube
£250 for the film judged best by a panel of judges

What is the deadline?
The competition closes on Friday 30 January

How Do You Enter?
To enter, simply upload your video to YouTube and drop an email to – then share it, repost it - and aim to get an incredibly large number of views.

The Rules:
  • The video cannot be any longer than two-minutes
  • The video can use graphics, animation and live footage (or anything else)
  • It must give legitimate reasons for prospective students to choose Bucks New University
  • The competition is open to current students and alumni of Bucks New University
Visit the Bucks Students’ Union website for more information.

Or paste this link into your browser:

For more on the experience of studying at Bucks New University, come and visit us at one of our Open Days,  take a virtual tour of one of our animation studios, check out what our students think of our course, and see why we're ranked in the top 12 creative universities in the UK. Find out why we're giving free laptops to all our students, and why we give all our students free access to videos at Also, see what financial assistance might be available to you. Learn which is better for animation, a PC or a Mac? Get hold of a copy of a map so you can find your way around campus, and learn about motion capture at Bucks.  

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