Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Quadruped Locomotion Explained - and Some Fun With Rusty...

Rusty explains Quadruped Locomotion
How do quadrupeds walk? On four legs? Or on two? We decided to seek a little assistance from Rusty, the official mascot of Bucks New University,  to help us figure it all out. Animation course leader Alex Williams got Rusty to demonstrate how real deer walk, trot and run. Sort of.

Watch this short video to really understand the complexities of animal locomotion.  Or not.

Anyway, it's only three minutes long, so you won't waste much of your life, and you get to see Alex making a fool of himself - always worth watching.

Rusty shows how it's done

Rusty, by the way, was played by with great gusto our very own 2nd year animator Kalim Momen. You can read all about his experience here.

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