Thursday, 31 October 2019

Bucks New Uni Animation Showcase 2018-19

Check out the latest Bucks New Uni animation demo reel; this one is a compilation of the best work done by our undergraduate animation students at Bucks between 2018 and 2019.  Congratulations to all our animators on their excellent work; standards keep rising at Bucks and this is very encouraging; as we strive to help more and more of our graduates break into careers in the animation, games and VFX industries. 
It's also worth taking a look at some of our older reels, to see the wide variety of impressive work done by our students at Bucks.  For example, take a look at the 2018 reel below, showcasing the best work done by our undergraduate animation & VFX students.

Bucks Undergraduate Animation Demo Reel 2018

2018 Masters' Animation Reel
Below is another reel from 2018; this one features work done by our masters' degree students. These students study entirely online; the course was launched in 2015 as the world's first online MA in animation.

All the work shown above was completed by our Masters' degree students, who study online at Animation Apprentice, which delivers the practical content for the master's degree at Bucks. Many congratulations to Lee Caller, Amedeo Beretta, Brendan Hobbs, Jeton Lakna, Jinng Hwee Tan, Olavo Lins, Oliver Canovas, Faye Robinson, Tim Milson and Victoria Bailey on their excellent work.

For more on the experience of studying at Bucks New University, come and visit us at one of our Open Days, take a virtual tour of one of our animation studios, check out what our students think of our course, and see why we're ranked in the top 12 creative universities in the UK.

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